In-service Training Programme

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Introduction to the DIME In-Service Training Programme and Handbook

Module 1 – Digital media production theory

• Particpants will be introduced to the tools of audio visual production. They will be shown low cost or readily available resources that can be used to achieve high production standards.

• Participants will be taken through the theory of sound recording, lighting and filming in a digital environment with principles such as ‘three point lighting’ in lighting a subject and ‘the rule of thirds’ in framing the shot.

• Participants will be introduced to audio and visual resources that are free to use and will be taken through the legal requirements that prohibit or make inpracticable, the use of other such resources because of copyright or other issues.

Module 2 – Digital media production

• Building upon the theory gleaned through Module 1, participants will bring their knowledge to bear on creating audio visual resources. These may be individual or team projects.
• Projects will be recorded using low cost or readily available resources and will comply with the legal realities outlined in Module 1.
• These projects will be produced in such a way that they have options in the post production process for dissemination through a variety of different platforms – including the social media platforms where adult educators can reach young adult learners.

Module 3 – Post production

• Participants will edit the projects created in Module 2 in one or more formats, as required by the dissemination routes they have decided upon.
• These projects will now be uploaded to a private YouTube channel to be used in teaching.

Module 4 –Digital Media Skills for Teaching

• Participants will develop a lesson/activity plan to show how they will use their new digital media skills in their work with young adults.