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1 - Introduction to the Tutor Handbook

This Tutor Handbook comprises:

• A Pedagogic Strategy
• Guidelines for adult educators to implement the ACT Resources

The purpose of the ACT resources, which explores the Administrative, Creative and Technical roles involved in film-making, is to provide adult educators with a step-by-step roadmap to "support innovation in education for marginalised young adult learners by harnessing the potential of ubiquitous media platforms to develop key transversal competences of the target group, whilst also supporting their re-integration to formal education and their personal progression and continued engagement as valued members of European society".

2 - Activity: Establishing your film crew – working in a team

The aim of this activity is for the young adult to understand how they contribute to the team i.e. film crew, by participating in team tasks considering their own effectiveness and contribution as a crew member.

3 - Activity: Introducing the digital media equipment

The aim of this activity is to introduce young adults to how their smartphones can be used to capture footage, record sound using a microphone app and selfie-stick as a boom, edit video on their smartphones, etc.

4 - Activity: Practical project to conduct a vox-pop survey

As a result of the interviews conducted, the film crew should produce a 5 – 10 minute vox-pop suitable for publication. A short article highlighting the key points of the vox-pop to be compiled for inclusion in a localised DIME newsletter.

5 - Activity: Practical project to conduct a simple interview

As a result of the interview conducted, the film crew should produce a 5-10 minute interview suitable for sharing on the DIME YouTube Channel A profile of the interviewee should be compiled and published in a local version of a DIME Newsletter.

6 - Activity: Practical project to produce a short documentary

As a result of this project, film crews should produce a 10-15 minute documentary suitable for publishing on the DIME YouTube Channel. The film crew should also create a factsheet to accompany the documentary, explaining why the topic was chosen, and why and how the documentary was made.
In producing this documentary, young adults are encouraged to address one of the themes/topics provided below; or they are invited to think of and research another topic for the documentary that promotes cultural awareness, understanding and tolerance or that develops an appreciation of social issues affecting Europe today, for example. This aim of this project is to support learners to develop their competence in the areas of cultural awareness and expression and social and civic competence.