Kas Halk Egitimi Merkezi

Kaş Public Education Center is a public education institution in the village of Kas which is situated 180 km away from the city of Antalya. The main centre of Kas is a developing touristic place which still attracts only a limited number of tourists in spite of its own particular natural beauty and hasn't known the popularity of other districts within the Antalya region. Growing plants in greenhouses is another emerging means of living in recent years in some villages close to the town centre. However, the district also consists of several villages which have rural, mountainous and scattered settlement rather than limited touristic and farming - zones. The region has been subject to many socioeconomic changes in recent years due to the mountainous, rural, scattered and also touristic geographical nature. These socioeconomic changes produced considerable immigration away from the country side where there are fewer opportunities to the touristic and agricultural areas. The immigration has created several educational, economic and social difficulties. It has been discovered that most part of the women in these disadvantaged areas are housewives and don't have enough opportunity for personal development. The district is therefore regarded as a compulsory service region owing to these circumstances and remoteness to the centre of the City of Antalya. We serve people of all ages and educational levels and aims to respond to the informal educational needs of the community. Within the activities of the centre, there have been various cultural, vocational, artistic courses almost 150 and 6000 participants every year. Amongst the courses at the centre there have been also language activities and one of them is Turkish courses for foreign residents living in the district. As everyone knows living in a new country can be a challenging process for some but with the courses we arrange in the centre it becomes much more easier for the foreigners.

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