Callidus obrazovanje d.o.o.

Callidus obrazovanje d.o.o. Callidus Obrazovanje d.o.o. was founded in spring 2008. The range of our offerings is diverse and, apart from Croatia, we offer our programs in the region. Listening to the needs of the market, we are timely reacting to new trends related to the needs of the modern labor market by creating special programs. All of our programs are current, diverse and focused on the constant development of your knowledge and competences needed in the dynamic labor market. Callidus cooperate with public institutions (Employment Services and Ministries) and act as a bridge connecting Austrian experiences and the needs of countries on their way toward joining the EU. Callidus possess extensive experience and know-how in writing tender documentation and seeking financial resources which resulted in a successful completion of a dozen ADA, IPA, ESF and Erasmus + projects.