Cooperativa Sociale Prometeo onlus a Mutualità Prevalente

COOPERATIVA SOCIALE PROMETEO ONLUS deals with the social and cultural integration of disadvantaged groups through different educational programs and active policies conducted together with the Municipalities of the new province BAT and with the Government of the new Province Barletta-Andria-Trani. It promotes inter-cultural dialogue, offering new learning opportunities, with the purpose of providing a new personal promotion and development model that can offer to the weakest categories of people within the labour market/society the opportunity of a positive and decent re-entry into the social and economic framework. Prometeo Onlus organizes activities fostering competencies for the labour market for young people, adults and employees. The branches in Trani and Terlizzi are equipped with modern multimedia technologies and logistical services, with the purpose of creating a stimulating and optimal location. The possibility of using audiovisual systems and accessing to broadband connection anytime allows students to a continuous interdisciplinary exchange, in order to be prepared to future prospective, whilst being aware of the history, the tradition, the reality of our country’s culture, in which PROMETEO ONLUS is based.

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