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Ballybeen Women’s Centre is an integrated service provider committed to enabling women, young people and pre-school children to realise their full potential and fulfil their aspirations through the promotion of health, personal and socio economic development. For over 33 years Ballybeen Women’s Centre (BWC) has been developing and delivering quality services in an area of low and weak community infrastructure. The Centre has developed a service delivery model that enables individuals and families to access a range of services and support in one location. The Centre provides support to other community groups in the area and has been a catalyst for community development and capacity building. The principles and practice of community development underpin all the work of the Centre. BWC promotes social inclusion by involving the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the community in the development and management of programmes to address their needs. The Centre has operated an open door policy for all women and their families, thus avoiding stigmatising them as prisoner families, social service referrals, single mothers etc. The Centre has also worked to diffuse tensions, break down sectarian and racist prejudice and raise awareness of equality issues. Key Objectives • To provide services and programmes of activity that promote active citizenship and seek to improve the quality of life for women and families in the area • To provide early years care for children aged 0-5 years • To promote and provide education and training opportunities for women and encourage their participation in such programmes; their progression on to further education and their return to the labour market • To promote health and health awareness amongst women, young people and pre school children and their families • To ensure that mechanisms and structures are in place to facilitate consultation with individuals and groups regarding identification of their needs and their participation in the design and delivery of services to meet such needs • To ensure all services and activities are inclusive • To respond to policy consultations and where possible influence policy developments • To ensure that everything we do is based on excellence and all services are integrated The Centre is committed to addressing anti inclusion practices such as segregation and stereotyping by culture and religion that pertain in communities. In responding to need in a holistic fashion the Centre specifically adopts a community development approach. BWC believes that good community development principles and practices form the basis of inclusive political, social and economic decision-making in society. The Centre facilitates women and young people to embark on community development and leadership programmes that enable them to contribute to social, economic and political changes on a local, regional, national and international basis.

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